Snapshots of Pescara

I attended Captivating Criminality 6 on the coast of the Adriatic. Pescara was once an Olympic venue. Pier Paolo Passolini passed there on his coastal roadtrip. It was very hot and surprisingly humid, so you can imagine how enervated I was (melting! melting!). Though I knew co-host Fiona Peters, I met folks I’ve known online for a while like  writers Sarah Ward and Andy Lawrence as well as totally new people like fellow Michigander Keli and her husband Jason, and Annagret, Heike and too many more to recount. I delivered my paper on adaptations of Ripley’s Game and enjoyed a variety of presentations on everything from Gothic to Maigret and Riverdale. I wandered around the town and drank in the Abruzzo ambience. Due to vagaries of travel, I stayed in a hotel near Stansted on the way there and back. It was a peculiar little spot. I thought the screaming peacock was annoying, but not nearly as much as the 6am fire alarm. The murals were…interesting and the stained glass was inexplicable. Travel brings many surprises.