The Fall Symposium: The Words

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Always Different, Always The Same: Introduction, Professor Eoin Devereux, PMPC UL. 


Session 1 


We are The Fall… 




Dr. Elaine Vaughan, UL. 

Michael Murphy–Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology: The Fall in Ireland: A Microhistory                     

John Fleming–Irish Times: Dead Beat Descendant: Mark E Smith’s Life, Death and Collective Mourning as a Cult Hero.                           

Martin Myers–University of Nottingham: ‘You can leave me on the shelf’: The death of The Fall and Mark E. Smith     

 “I Drank A Jar of Coffee…” COFFEE BREAK


Session 2 



A Ghost In My House…



Ellen Reid, 

Sociology, UL. 

K. A. Laity–College of Saint Rose (NY): Spoiling all the Paintwork: Mark E. Smith, Art Renegade                          

Ben Lawley: Psychic Dancehall – the paranormal as creative strategy and lyrical theme in the work of Mark E. Smith and The Fall                       

Paul Wilson –University of Leeds: A letter so simple yet disgusting in its stroke’: writing-out the (typo)graphic strangeness of The Fall

12.20- 13.00 

Public Interview with Simon Wolstencroft chaired by Dr. Martin J. Power, PMPC (UL).

 “Eat Y’Self Fitter…” SYMPOSIUM LUNCH.

14.00 – 15.20

Session 3 



New Facts Emerge…




Oldřich Olaf Poděbradský, Visiting Scholar, UL and Charles University, Prague. 


Mike Glennon–GradCAM, TU Dublin: I Am Damo Suzuki Lost In Music (Dub)     

Matt Davies–University of Chester:  “What’s a computer?”: Wmatrix and the distilled lyrical art of Mark E Smith and The Fall     

Elaine Vaughan, Brian Clancy and Eoin Devereux–UL/MIC: Searching for the Right Word or Phrase that Would Put a Chill Up the Spine: A Corpus-Based Discourse Analysis of Mark E. Smith’s Lyrics 

 “I Drank A Jar of Coffee…” COFFEE BREAK. 


Session 4 


A Past Gone Mad…





Dr. Martin J. Power, PMPC, UL. 

Samuel Flannagan–Free University of Berlin: Remembrancer/Rememorator/Amorator: Oblique Tactics and Clear Intentions in The Fall’s “The Remainderer” EP

David Meagher –ULGEMS:  Montagu Lomax and Early Fall: (’77-’79) ‘The Madness in My Area’          

Kieran Cashell–LSAD / LIT : Linguistic Perversion: Literary Intertext in The Fall                               

17.00- 17.40 

Life in The Fall:  Public Interview with Imperial Wax chaired by Professor Eoin Devereux, PMPC (UL).  

 Fall Sounds…  Pre-Dinner Fall Disco.

19.00 Symposium Dinner, Sean Cara Restaurant, Dolans.  

 Gig by Imperial Wax supported by The Sons of Southern Ulster, Kasbah Club, Dolans.