Magickal Women: 3rd Time = Charm

I am delighted to say I will be part of the third Magickal Women Conference this October with a superb bunch of other speakers, practitioners and performers. My presentation:


This one weird trick could help you to change your life. Doctors hate this! Celebrities endorse this! Big pharma has been lying to you. Your government is lying to you. I may even be lying to you, yet I am willing to share this one simple trick for empowerment that uses cutting edge technology to deliver, enable and facilitate an immersive, impactful leverage that will unveil synergy to take YOU to the next level

It’s a paradigm shift!

But wait—this offer is only good today, this one day only, although you may have seen it on TV. Don’t ask your doctor—they won’t know! This limited time offer is usually only available to celebrities and the 1%. You have an exclusive chance—unrepeatable—to join this global movement of people who live high-speed lives of regenerative compatibility where they are one with nature and protective of our fragile environment and the chance of world peace which seems so far out of our grasp can once more be held in your hand.

Are you tired of art that promises to change your life—only to disappoint you with ill-fitting clothes, watered-down scents, and a whomp-whomp musical cue? Introducing the mind-shattering power of opening the lunar plexus.

Celebrity endorsements:

“…so many bees have come in and started making honey that’s already almost a meter and reaches halfway up my body I don’t know what to do, if they keep on I’ll end up buried in honey, adorable way to die.” ~Remedios Varo

“What could I tell you, my lady, of the secrets of nature that I have discovered while cooking?… if Aristotle had cooked, he would have written much more.” ~Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz

For Premium Insiders Only: this presentation will take the form of an out-of-control advertising rant or possibly an energised TED talk to pitch Carrington’s notion of the ‘lunar plexus’ as  a key to enlightenment as glimpsed in her short stories ‘My Flannel Knickers’ and ‘My Mother is a Cow’ along with her concept of the heart of wild honey from The Hearing Trumpet as it is mostly likely that she took the concept from her Buddhist studies as a site residing in the heart chakra, Anahata—‘the unstruck’—the ‘inner temple’ where the flame of life resides. The element of air, the key of F, a six point star represents the chakra in the middle of a twelve petal lotus. In the Chandogya Upanishad it is written, ‘In the centre of the body there is a little shrine surrounded by a wall with eleven doors. Hidden within the shrine a Lotus blossoms, and within this there is a tiny, little room.’

For all the hucksterism this is a genuine spiritual exploration of the significance of the heart chakra in Carrington’s writing. Humour can be a good way to bypass not only the resistance of intellect but also a gateway to opening the sweet joy within the inner temple, an important stop on the journey toward eternal bliss, listening with our ear trumpets to the Anāhata Nāda, the fundamental vibrating sound of the universe. The presentation will doubtless include not only music and chanting but honey. Literalising the step of ‘opening your heart of wild honey’ as Marian and the other women do when they sup from the cauldron of themselves, we too may glimpse mysteries.

Find out more and register here.

Leonora Carrington, PLAY SHADOW (1977)