Unloading Your Head

‘I need a dump truck, mama, to unload my head…’
Bob Dylan, From a Buick 6

The difference between people who create things and people who do not is only that the former follow the impulses which infect their brains because trying to make them manifest is the true joy of being alive. Can I make this thing I see/feel/hear in my head into something real?

Even if it's something incredibly silly --
Even if it’s something incredibly silly —

Often the result is a failure — probably most of the time it is. The perfect vision is difficult to make manifest because we don’t (or don’t yet, we hope) have the skill. We don’t have the right words or the right lines or the right instruments to make it so, but we itch to make it real. We’re elated when we have it in a form that we can share with others, yet disappointed because it was so perfect in our heads and this is not perfect.

But what magic it is to share the ideas in your head with other people.

The distance between your vision and your creation creates ambition and despair. With luck, the former outweighs the latter. Keeping at it is the only way to get better. Be ambitious. Create.

‘What is now proved was once only imagined.’
William Blake

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