Surreal Noir debuts Monday!


My new radio show debuts Monday! I’m so excited.

WHEN: 1800 BST/1300 EDT (also archived after if you can’t slope off work)

WHERE: No Bounds Radio

WHAT: A program that mixes surreal art, noir fiction and experimental music AKA what’s playing inside my head. Very much a work in progress!

WHO: Me, that’s who. Talking about art and fiction, yammering about my obsessions like surrealism, noir and Deep Listening, thinking out loud, making connections, sharing the stuff that I really dig.

WHY: Because need this in your earholes.

What do you need to do now? Bookmark No Bounds radio on MixCloud, follow them on Twitter and Instagram. Have a listen to their other programmes which are fascinating and wide-ranging. You’ll find something to enjoy to fill those empty hours until Monday! [In August I’ll move to Wednesday slot, but don’t worry about that now.]

Love that logo? You can get Stephanie’s awesome design on a range of merch! Stop by her shop at Tee Public and RedBubble. BUY ALL THE THINGS! Support art!

Big thanks to Eleni Poulou for pointing me toward the No Bounds call for subs!