Chillers, Thrillers & Killers

Pat’s cats got you in their beady little sights

I’m over at the Cultural Gutter, home of writing about disreputable art, where I sally forth to introduce the Chillers series, a French-UK co-production that manages to mangle a lot of Patricia Highsmith short stories. Check it here.

Check out Zoë Howe, the Rock-N-Roll Witch at SohoRadio

If you missed my chat with Zoë Howe, the Rock-n-Roll Witch, you can listen to it on archive here. Relive midsummer all over again!

Making Magic Happen: a compendium of inspiring texts from the 2019 conference

Gotta get your hands of the gorgeous Magickal Women volume Making Magic Happen? Ordering info here. Enjoy my writing about Leonora Carrington, and so much more!