Enchanted: Fantasy Illustration

I ran up into the Berkshires to join the QoE Stephanie at the Norman Rockwell Museum, the unlikely setting for Enchanted: A History of Fantasy Illustration. It ended up being a lot more rainy then we expected, in fact bucketing down while we enjoyed a leisurely lunch until it stopped long enough for us to take a turn around the grounds and enjoy the sculpture installations.

Many illustrators familiar and quite a few who were new to me. Though it definitely skewed to contemporary artists, there were a few delightful classics as well. The thing you definitely come away with is the wealth of styles and the very productive innovation that also paid homage to what had come before. As Stephanie pointed out there were so many familiar images, much reproduced that in person showed richness of detail and nuance that were seldom apparent on the page or cover.

Hard to capture the detail in this Parrish
Adored this Pan of course
Once the rain let up for a bit we wandered around the grounds
Fallen Fire
The Oracle Tree

More photos on the ‘book. Just a short drive from eastern NY! And on a more clement day, the Berkshire Botanical Garden is just around the corner. Didn’t fancy it in the downpour though —