Betye, Izzy, QoE & Me in Boston

The entrance to the exhibit Betye Saar: Heart of a Wanderer

I ran up to Boston with the Queen of Everything AKA the fabulous Stephanie to catch the Betye Saar exhibit at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. I think I first saw her work when I was living in L.A. but I don’t recall a whole exhibit devoted to her. What magnificence to see so much work all together.

As usual I have uploaded an abundance of photos to FB so look there for the lot, but I’ll tempt you with some glories from this amazing and inspiring exhibit:

I’ve become fascinated with making assemblages, too, so no surprise that Saar’s work continues to captivate. We had a fab lunch at Cafe G as well (under the watchful eyes of the resident bunnies) and wandered around the glories of Izzy’s house and all the art from her friends (at least what hasn’t been stolen). I always say, if you have to be stinkin’ rich at least have some good taste and make your house a museum.

Afterward we headed over to the Boston MFA to have a wander that included some of our favourite folks. For Stephanie that was Preston Singletary’s Raven Steals the Moon which is magnificent.

We also took in some of the more recent purchases by the museum to address their persistent under representation of anybody but white men which fortunately included two of our faves, Leonora and Remedios (if you need their surnames, you must be new to this blog).

And loads more of course! See the whole album of photos on the ‘book. Of course the rest of the time was lots of talk and planning and plotting in addition to the art shenanigans. Oh yes, we have plans…