#FolkHorror Remix featuring Higora

A new and exclusive Higora track is available as part of the Melmoth the Wanderer Folk Horror Revival Remix. Here’s the description of the set:

The second Folk Horror Revival mix from Melmoth the Wanderer.

All the tracks featured in this offering were submitted by members of the FHR Facebook group and woven together by Melmoth. The diversity of styles featured in this mix show the wide range of Folk Horror music and also reiterates the personal relationship between artist and listener when interpreting the `folk horror’ experience.

…sit back and glisten.

My track ‘Swallows’ includes a recitation of the Old English riddle, which I wrote about (and helpfully, translated) for Witches and Pagans. I hope to get back to work on my Higora project at Cool Ranch Studio when — well, you know.  Thanks to Jim Peters and the FHR folks for another fun project.

Folk Horror Revival Melmoth Mix