kingston kenI am bound for London — well, actually Kingston-on-Thames first for the conference. Never been to this campus before but it looks lovely. I’ll be near Hampton Court so I might finally go there. The Royal Horticulture Society had a big show there: the gardens are bound to be lovely.

Of course the conference ought to be a blast. I really get to enjoy it because I am the first speaker after the welcome! Heh, that makes a difference from going in the last panel of the last day. Far more relaxing. All the papers look interesting — after all, it’s Ken Russell!

I’ll be flying down which is a change. Rail tickets have gone up so much it was actually cheaper (not to mention quicker). Going by way of Surbiton which always puts me in mind of Monty Python.

I will have adventures to share, of course: at least a couple of concerts in London afterward, too. I will doubtless share my opinions here. In the meantime I’m just glad to have my paper finished well before time!

2017-07-11 14.45.25
Representing the skulk always!


  1. Paul says:

    Russell retrospectivizationismings? About far Ken time! If there’s a screaming of ‘Thomas’, I hope you point out to the glitter-thonged throng the visual blunder during the Bernie’s holiday camp sequence, and point and roar at the close-up of Eric Clapped-out where he has a dismembered teddy bear glued to his face (because he shaved off his beard before knowing that a close-up was needed for the groovy wig-out section).
    Kenny and you and Murray Melvin, too!
    The front row’s eyebrows will SINGE at such explosive brilliance.
    Joe Lee Weld-Hun

    1. katelaity says:

      We had the screening of TOMMY last night, introduced by Lisi and played at full volume. Much fun. You would not believe how great it was on the big screen!

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